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118. Decoding Your Culture Part 4: Using Feedforward to Build Skills
Episode 11820th February 2023 • Schools Of Excellence Podcast • Chanie Wilschanski
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You already know that feedback is an important part of growth. All of us need to be given the chance to view our work critically so we can find the areas that need improvement.

This is especially true of you as a leader. To build a school of excellence, you need to be able to receive honest feedback from trusted members of your team.

But feedback—as its name suggests—is focused on the past. As a result, it often focuses too much on the mistakes that were made, and this understandably causes people to get defensive or shut down.

A different approach is to provide feedforward. In contrast to feedback, feedforward focuses on the future, pointing out opportunities for growth rather than mistakes.

This change in perspective not only reduces feelings of judgment, but also reinforces positive interpersonal relationships that make it easier to break through barriers and progress toward excellence.

In this week's podcast episode, I'm closing out our series on Decoding Your Culture by discussing how to use feedforward to drive growth among you and your team.

Join me for a conversation about:

  • The difference between feedback and feedforward
  • What feedforward looks like in conversation
  • What to keep in mind when giving and receiving feedforward
  • How to manage emotions when receiving feedforward
  • How to discern from whom you should seek out feedforward

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