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The Love Show + Ramp Up Your Self Love Game + Say yes to happiness and Joy. Thank you Gabby Bernstein
Episode 3811th February 2021 • You Lost Me at Namaste • Michelle Schoenfeld
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Welcome to The Love Show! The purpose of this episode is to ramp up your self love game and help raise your vibration through happiness and joy. We are entering an exciting new cycle of expansion and it's time to step up and claim the love and happiness that is there waiting for you. It's a time for mindful gratitude, personal growth and owning your power. So what are you waiting for? Let's do it together and manifest more days of joy!

My favorite way to do this by starting the day in the high vibration of "YES." Yes to love, yes to happiness, yes to feeling inspired, yes to abundance, yes to joy, yes to my desires becoming my reality....

What are you a "yes" to? Take a moment now and start your own 'Yes" rampage by saying or writing down the first things that come to mind that make you feel good.

Another favorite trick for starting the day off right is a gratitude visualization. Simply close your eyes, focus on a few loop deep breaths and then visualize 3 things in your life that bring you joy or that you are grateful for. This works great at night as well to help set you up for a peaceful night's sleep. The energy you go to bed with effects the energy you wake up with, so training your mind to focus on what feels good is a simple way to improve your entire vibrational field.

I won't include everything in the show because I want you to listen! I promise you, it will feel good to hear it for your self. As a bonus, I have included the full Self Love episode from Season 2 for even more good juju.

In Episode 22, you will learn tips and tools to help you boost your self love game even more and learn how to let go of self judgement! We should wake up feeling inspired and the best way to do that is through self love. Our #1 priority in life is having a positive relationship with ourself. But how do we do that? How do you find self love and why are we not taught this as children? Fear not, this episode contains all you need to get started. Stepping up your self love game will help you feel happier, optimistic and be a better person. So listen away and get ready to feel the love flow in. *I also include my live Moth Story! See video link in Resources.

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Favorite show quote:

"If you start regularly telling yourself good things about yourself, they will turn into a belief before you know it."

I will also mention:

  • The importance of your tribe
  • Angel number 222
  • My BIGLOVE Moth Story (Ted Talks for storytellers) Link below
  • Positive self-talk, stop your body shaming now! You're B E A U T I F U L
  • JLo + Ashley Graham + Drew Barrymore
  • Forgiveness + letting go of self-judgement
  • Abraham Hicks + Gabby Bernstein
  • The Appreciation Game
  • Setting healthy boundaries
  • No need to fear negative thoughts, just do this...
  • The importance of self-compassion
  • The Kardashians Effect
  • The LifeCo and the importance of detox and self care

Weekly Mantra:

" I deeply and completely love and accept myself."


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You are worthy, you are enough, and you were born to be happy.


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