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#88 In Conversation with Ross Simmonds - CEO of Foundation Marketing - 4 Pillars of content marketing
Episode 885th September 2023 • Sports CDP Crash Course - Data Talks • Data Talks
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Join us in this episode as we explore the world of content marketing with Ross Simmonds, CEO of Foundation Marketing. Ross shares his journey from a fantasy football blog in university to becoming a leading digital marketing strategist.

Ross walks us through the four key pillars of effective content marketing: research, creation, distribution, and optimization. He also provides actionable insights for sports organizations, big or small, to connect with their audiences effectively.

Learn the power of “create once, distribute forever” and how it can transform your content strategy. Ross’s diverse client experiences, from SaaS companies such as Canva to FMCG brands like Kit Kat and unconventional businesses like companies that sell dirt, highlight the creativity and innovation that can be applied across industries.

Connect with Ross on social media at @thecoolestcool and visit to explore his work. If you’re ready to take your content marketing game to the next level, don’t miss this episode!