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Episode 723rd September 2020 • Saga Kraft • Betsy Bergstrom, Gabriela Sarna, Sea Gabriel: Saga Kraft
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Welcome to Saga Kraft: myths, fairytales, legends stories, comfort us, inspire us and heal us. Please join us. As we share our stories, both old and new, more than anything, we are open to the story and it's unfolding at times. It may be one story told by one person at times it's the same story told through three different voices.

In the end, we go where the story takes us and we invite you to follow. I'm C a writer, artist, and storyteller. I'm Betsy, a medium and teacher of mystery traditions. I'm Gabriella, an artist and practitioner of folk magic. We are magical fairy godmothers in training. Well, first of all, I want to give thanks to Odin and Saga.

I wanted to thank all of the, other of the deities and the different beings that are part of Odin's story. I give thanks for the idea of intention, focus, sacrifice, and the creativity that, that unlocks. And I asked that Odin be present with us at this time.

I would call the Norns, too. Thank you so much for your amazing blessing and wisdom. And help me do well by you. I want to honor Yggdrasil and the wisdom of the natural world. And the wisdom of the ancient tree of every culture and how it brings us together through story through mystery, through nourishment, being able to tap into the sacred waters that run underneath and contain us I ask for the presence of healing, of these waters and the presence of the healing of the sacred tree.

As it reaches out to us. As we reach for it, it reaches back. So I honor and thank for this longing and for this exchange. Um, I give thanks to the Valkyries and. The Ravens. And as he said, the natural world, and I also give them thanks for stories that live on, like the story of living so on. And I do ask that in these strange and changing times that we invite also in welcome Saga into our midst and ask her in her craft and her wisdom to support these stories as they go out into the world, these different snapshots of this particular vision. Thank you so much for coming into my life. And I think all of our lives as well, and I'm just greatly thankful I wanted to thank all the liminal. Yeah. I want to thank our sweet, unknown listener.

Whoever you may be.

This is a story about Odin and all the magical beings that gather around his initiation. The three Swan Valkyries glided in over Yvonne holla at sunset. Wearied by nine long years of domestic captivity, they would have shouted with joy to see the shining shields of the einheriors hall still in Swan forum.

All they could do was honk excitedly, coming to a landing by the scarred purchase of Oden's Ravens. They began their transformation back to their womanly forms. One Raven, large as a sheep. Turned its ruffled head from the direction of the few warriors left, fighting on the practice field and said, currently he isn't here.

Don't bother changing back. He wants you to cleanse and ready yourself for duty at Urdu as well. He did know we were there muttered old room whose gift for knowing things had prompted her to say just that repeatedly during their captive years as wives. Of course, he did said the other Raven, Moonen looking interestingly out the three between Heimdall in us.

He knows everything. Why didn't he rescue us then said, hairball Alvita the most contentious of the three, nine years is a long time. Maybe you should have done exactly. As he said, when you said it said hook and gruffly, just because you've been given will doesn't mean you shouldn't use discretion with it.

I just wanted to see if that cowardly warrior could show some nobility before he got a free ride to ball. Holla hairball said defensively. His father's a drinking buddy of the all father said, mooning, check those things out before you make your own decisions. Anyway, you should get going big doings going on and you don't want to have Oden's baleful I am just now right.

Veer off said lack of the Swan white. Thank you for your courtesy. She held onto her dignity. Even during her running waddling, start to flight, the three swans lifted off and circled above the field, looking for the hidden and magnetic pathway to the base of the world tree, where the well was situated, finding a trace of it.

300 meters of the swans pictured the well in their minds and honed in on the proper frequency, engaging with the pathway. They settled into easy flight aided by the magic of the path. Shifting worlds shifting scenery, they merged into a realm where the immense three Yik Dressel dominate the view, making the base of the tree, but it's tangle of roots.

They side a collective sigh of relief. Or does well, a pool, never looking quite the same look, eerily the pool that had attracted them to drop their Swan coats and Bay. After a particularly gruesome battle, it was there that they had their coat stolen by three Elvin hunters, along with their means for transforming back into swans.

Unable to flee without their coats, to their horror. They felt very nature change from imperious Valkyries to docile and adoptive water as they landed beside the well that fatal disability was what they, each hoped would be washed from them in the healing and restorative waters of the ancient well of origin.

There was no sign of the Norns there, but the similar appearance of the pool indicated that the resident northerns were well aware of the Valkyries, even though it's the off others orders that we bathed here said Lagurtha, I think we had best obeyed for days. House rules of only two swans on the pool at a time.

As a Swan's drop there, coats and slid their gleaming bodies into the pool. Cool hair four began to look for a good place by the base of the tree for a restorative nap. As she came closer to the tree, she became aware of a curious energy emanating around the tree. Unlike the dappled sunshine around the pool, dark shadows were present under the tree, the consciousness of the tree, normally benign and somewhat draws a remote.

Felt very present, very awake and even a bit twitchy. She shed her coat, tying it around her womanly waist and noted to her surprise that her battle senses we're opening up what is going on here. She wondered she put some money thought into picturing the rather irascible norm it's clearly in her mind, the destiny goddesses remained stubbornly out of her sight.

I summon you nor, and she said exerting her well, a wavering transparent image of the northerns appearance was spinning a thick rope with, they look like fibers from a gallows news and shredded shrouds from corpses. Scold was cutting symbols that glowed like embers from a fire into the roots of the tree.

And was unrolling tapestries that had already been cut from their looms. As one, they all turned to hair VAR and said, get out. I can set hair for the all fathers sent us the northerns all looked at one another with raised eyebrows and as one shook their heads, then back off and stay out of the ways that Arista and don't bother us again.

You can bathe with them, said for Dawn day over her shoulder, I relaxed my rules for this one day only her final glimpse before the NORNS disappeared from her sight. Rather as though they drew down a shade was a skull pushing some sigils far up into the corner of the tree's trunk. These did not glow.

And as they were pushed disappeared from sight scold murmured, I'll save these for another day. She swung her curved blade with a whistling sound hairball, hurry to the pool and said to her companions, there's something very strange about to happen here. Actually, it has already started. She told them about her interaction with the NORNS as she entered the pool, she said, hurriedly for Donna gave me leave to enter the pool.

Lagurtha thinking it through said. Odin wants us here for something. If our battle senses are awake, we'd best be ready for anything and hope that we are doing his will said all room with a dark look at hair for, come on, let's clean up an armor ourselves. As they said about this plan, they did not yet notice that another had come to the well, this lady glowed and crackled with vitality.

She approached the well and seeing her own luminous beauty of reflected in the well adjusted her golden necklace to best advantage and noticed with a self loving smile that in order to scribe in the well, she would have to dim her own radiance. What is he up to? Why has he summoned me? She asked the well, the pool changed its appearance.

Again, this time to that of a crystal and surface swirling with clouds. As she watched her smile faded and she scrutinized the images. She was shown scene after scene of Odin summoning, the recent dead. Most of these were below gallows, whether punishments or sacrifices, she didn't know. She wants Tim summoning Volvos from there in tomb sleep.

She saw his commands to his bulkers to slay hero after hero army, after army. The death toll mounted. She even saw an image of Odin secretly watching her practice, her arts of side bastard, truth getter. She murmured laughing a little and frowning. She saw him throw his sphere over her people starting the first war, then prowling around the battlefield afterwards, trying to sniff out the magic of her Vanya.

She saw how many, a ruler dedicated the slain in battle to Odin. After that doing, as he did throwing the spear, she felt a stirring at her side and saw that she had been joined at the well by an elder elf, acknowledging Kim with a smile. She noted his quiet serenity. With his presence, the images in the pool changed and she saw elf after elf being summoned from within grave, mounds and questioned by Odin to give to him the secrets of the dead they're in tuned, the wind stirred the light around the trees base darkened.

As the clouds passed over the sun, the trees started creaking and groaning shivering as branches rustled. The all father Odin phase white and set single eye glaring approach. The tree, each movement he made was heavy with his intention. It carried gung near his sphere, a length of white cloth and a sharp iron knife solidly standing before the tree.

He spoke his intent to the tree in a low growl. All the deaths. He had incited, he offered to the tree, filling his lungs. He simultaneously blew out and stab the iron knife into the tree. He placed his spear against the trees, massive trunk. The NORNS appeared instantly behind him, or that came forward and dropped a corpse news around him.

Without turning. He pulled the news down to his ankles from his neck, my way he said, I need my breath Freya moved forward, catching his attention. She nodded to him, hunger to ear. She breathed God of the hangs. She held her fist over her heart and bowed. The Swan, Bob Curry is restored to their militant regalia with Spears and hand step forward and knelt feel Ghia Amenia de Sierra said Odin to them.

Each nodded solemnly the elder elf showed himself Lord of the grave mound about. Ponderously the tree lowered a great branch with much creaking. The Ravens were already perched on the branch. Raven, God, they croaked in unison, schooled, waved her knives saying, Oh, cut you down. When it's time for Don day tourist strip from the white cloth and tied it around his eye and socket.

The branch whipped up scattering, the Ravens and dangling Odin from its high reach, head hanging down where long bridge trailing in this manner. In silence days, past the Swan Valkyries, the Ravens and the northerns kept a vigil for him. The winds came and went sometimes crooning, sometimes shrieking.

Those closest to Odin came and went. Freya came always at dusk, pretty big eyes shining with calm, demeanor, sang to him, beloved Thor a few days later, still armored from whatever battle he'd been in gazed upon his father hanging in extremity and named him victory. God, Loki. Examining the increasing magic circling around the one eyed God called out high one while laughing, Dangler slate near on the eighth day pod.

The urban roots below Odin with three of his age, the legs at dark fall on the ninth day. Magic reaching a nearly unbearable pitch in great suffering. Odin cried out. I sacrifice myself to myself under cracked and rumble lightning split the sky Lagurtha took hold of good near fiercely, launched herself and speared Odin with it through the heart.

Oden's hands immediately clutched the shaft of the spear. Spear God. She cried out to him. Frenzied dying, Odin swung, wildly. Scold through her blade at the corner rope and cut Odin from the tree, riving, screaming, Odin fell and continue to fall into that death. As the roots of when a great hole in the ground, the Valkyries fell to their knees.

Symbols exploded out of the roots and struck Oden's corpse with considerable force, shocking him into an after death life. Blindfold gone, light and power blazed out of the MTI socket. Some of the glowing symbols flashed out onto the onlookers chaotic light and sounds spiraled wildly. Exultant the NORNS cried out, volunteer slaying God equipping to him forces not yet burst into the world.

That would be called runes. Songs of secret knowledge and with them, the vast wisdom and power held by the dead

I'm doing from the norms. It's mostly for Dani, but actually some of it was, they were chiming in together sometimes and have little disagreements before settling on. So there you go. Okay. Sacrifice. There is always a thread hanging that needs to be cut, sacrifice to make sacred, to trim off the old, in order to weave in the new sacrifice death that consecrates life Odin is always discontent.

Can't knowing enough. He has like some of you that way never satisfied. That's the real reason he wanders. He says he needs to recruit people. Really. He just wants to know everything about everyone everywhere. Anyway, on this day he wanted to know that. Yeah. So he did, it looked like a deep purple spot on his tapestry.

Purple is the hardest color for everyone involved. So when earns, spun purple, we all knew it was going to be well interesting. And exhausting purple is exhausting in the best possible way. We were tending to the roots of big drama, feeding her the compost of life, you know, like they expressed emotions, forgiven slights, and reconciled dreams.

When we noticed Odin watching with an obsessive kind of interest, he is always that way, really, either interested or not he was staring and then he pulled out a noose. I remember one of us muttered purple. I'm not sure which one. Now it doesn't matter. In any event, he looked at us as if we might do something, try to talk him down a bit or shoot him or covered him in dried fruit or any one of a million other things that only he would think of when we told him that we hadn't seen the purple, but didn't choose it.

It was or log not weird inside with really. I don't know what he thought, but he seemed happy that we weren't going to go rogue on him. Then it was so sweet. He asked us to walk over him. Of course, we told him that's what we're here for. Then climbed up into the tree to help tie the rope. So he couldn't fall prematurely.

We're longest, mostly her department. So we got the news, it's all cinched up and dangling over the, well, he didn't really seem to want the well, but we wanted to be sure that if he fell, he wouldn't hurt himself. More than was necessary anyway, and that he would have access to creation or recreation in his case.

Then he climbed up stabbed himself with gum there, no easy task. I tell you. And there he hung day in and day out for nine days. You can in union brekkie and Gary, they all just sat there with him, guarding him. Pretty was watching him through her scrying pool. She didn't want to add at any pressure. So sweet.

His visitors came and went mostly his ancestors. He brought him some honey cake, but he wasn't in the eating mood. What would the spirit inside? We read? I took the cake and put it on a ledge just inside the weld. You keep it fresh until he was done. Birthday cake. Somebody brought him to me and to magical meet.

Of course you wouldn't give a dying God, just a regular class. Now they call that the meta poetry. But it's really more like the, me to beauty and power for us. That's what poetry is. And he learned the spells and carved the runes. I know the room thing seems strange, but he carved them in himself. You scored them into his heart, mind and soul as he hung there.

Sometimes weeping, sometimes laughing, you know how it is when reality is too big to fit into your body and you waffle between disparate ecstasy. It was like that. At first it was slow. He'd be groaning all morning, then grinning all afternoon, but it's set up as he dangled until at the end of it, it was hard to tell which end of the spectrum he was on.

You suspected both. On the last night, the Valkyrie has stayed with him in a candle light vigil. It was one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen. And we rarely agree on that kind of thing. It was well purchased night, sort of like your Halloween, but without the customs and candy, wild instinctual magic builds up all year and then breaks loose that night only to be reigned in the following day.

Unless of course it is first assumed into the body of a God. And that night it was in the morning has extended fever, broke, broke him, broke his rope, broke his makeshift gallows, and he dropped like a rock. Then like a feather truth be told until the well where he drank and drank and drank. He climbed up and out retrieving then enjoying his birthday cake.

And for one moment, and one moment only Odin was satisfied. Sacrifice releases the past sacrifice, restarts the heart sacrifice reveals the magic.

This part of the story is an honor of the sacred seeker. My first awareness is not of the tree, but of the darkness and stars of unknown origin shimmering in the distance. For nine days. Now, I must have lingered between worlds feeling the rustling of leaves around me. As I reversed myself to embrace myself and to all that have been hidden from me, I've had no food or drink of the living world, but the other world feeds me and quenches.

The thirst of my spirit for the longing of my soul will surely outlast the thirst of the flesh and I shall remain. Not knowing which way is up or down nor of what world I came from. I wait, suspended, reversed, undone, and ecstatic with delirium. By what sorcery have I been bound here? What treacherous winds have stolen my power and left me defenseless.

I hear it. The whistling wind mocking my confusion or is it my own laughter. Rising with the light as my heart beats loudly, like the roaring thunder desperately. I stare into the deep void and darkness around me until I see her true form, which is to my delight, the womb. And in that moment, I know it is I who bound myself to this moment.

It is I who longed for her and all her mystery and was willing to offer myself fully to binds around my feet. Unwind for, they never held me. And my position was always of the one about to fall into the abyss, which has no direction, only the entry, which is now revealed to me in all her glory, like a long lost lover.

I am embraced by her naked and longing. She is taking me in as deeply as I have, let myself surrender my dare to grasp at her swelling movements, but they have no form or move too fast for me to hold on to. Time is different here or rather it does not exist. And neither does the reason. I see so many things, most of which I cannot comprehend the sounds or shapes and shapes or songs vibrate through my very being these shapes, like dancing, like expand and collapse and begin to drift towards me and from the depth as they come closer.

I see that it is a form of a man, these shapes of cloaked. And he is me. And for me,...