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Marketing on Tap - Sensei Marketing EPISODE 31, 27th March 2019
Episode 31: Social Influencers - Strategy or Tragedy?
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Episode 31: Social Influencers - Strategy or Tragedy?

Social influencers, and influencer marketing in general, are once again under the microscope as media publications share articles that are split into two trains of thought. The first is that social influence is the worst thing to happen to marketing, while the second states that influence marketing is a key business strategy in 2019.

So which viewpoint is correct? Is there still a place for social influencers after the debacle that was Fyre Fest, or was that just an example of a poorly-executed program, and not reflective of a true influence marketing strategy and campaign?

In this week's episode of Marketing on Tap, we look at the different opinions around influence marketing, and some of the things your business needs to be aware of with social influencers when it comes to your own marketing strategy.

Settle back and enjoy this week’s topic, brought to you in the usual unscripted manner that you’ve come to expect when Sam and Danny take the mic.

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