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Ep 140: Plasmaide/Marilyn Chychota
Episode 1408th March 2024 • The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place • Dr. Jeff Sankoff
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In this episode:

Extract of the bark of the maritime pine tree is thought to provide a host of potential benefits to health measures including some that extend to endurance sport. A new product aims to bring this substance to triathletes and is being backed by none other than the Norwegian duo of Iden and Blumenfeldt through their Santara Tech initiative. But does Plasmaide deliver on any of the lofty promises made on its very slick website? We take a look at the science on the Medical Mailbag. Then, a conversation with coach Marilyn Chychota who comes to triathlon from a background of equestrian show jumping. A circuitous route to be sure but one that has led her to have a fascinating outlook on life and made her successful in all of the ventures that she has pursued.


[07:23]- Medical Mailbag: Plasmaide

[30:21]- Interview: Marilyn Chychota


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