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#109: Demystifying Amazon
Episode 10921st February 2023 • The Book Marketing Action Podcast • Weaving Influence
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This episode is about demystifying Amazon for authors. Becky is joined by Alexa BigwarfeUSA Today Bestselling Author and the Founder/CEO of Write|Publish|Sell—who shares her vast knowledge of Amazon, why it’s an important platform for selling books, and how authors can navigate all of its complex features. 

During the episode, Alexa shares:  

  • A little bit about herself and her work in the world.
  • Her author journey and her books, Sunshine After the Storm and Lose the Cape.
  • How many books she has written over the last decade.
  • Why it’s important for authors to use Amazon.
  • Whether or not achieving number one in your category on Amazon is worth chasing.
  • The benefits of promotional opportunities available through Amazon and how authors should use them. 
  • The number of Amazon reviews authors should aim for and how to get more of them.
  • Why someone closely associated with an author can’t leave an Amazon review for their work.
  • If it’s advantageous to self-publish exclusively through Amazon, or if it’s more worthwhile to expand the distribution of a book.
  • Some of the challenges authors are facing with Amazon and how to overcome them. 

For our show notes, including action steps and resources, visit: 

Click here to download our new, free resource, Spend This First, and check out some of our blog posts about navigating Amazon: “If You Want to Play Amazon’s Games, You Need to Know the Rules,” “Learning the Importance of Amazon Reviews: A Look at Bestsellers,” and “Bestseller Status is (Not Only) About Ego.” 

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