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How God Redeemed Me From New Age
Episode 41518th July 2022 • CRAFTed Entrepreneur • Cayla Craft
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In this unique episode, Cayla shares her heart. You may have noticed a shift in the content of the podcast in the last year and Cayla shares how and why she is radically changing every aspect of her life to make sure she is in alignment with God. How did she realize she needed a change? Listen to this episode to find out how God guided her in times of confusion and the three things that pushed her in this direction. She shares scripture that has had an impact on her life in the last year and how her alignment with God has changed her life.

You will learn:

  • [2:10] - Cayla’s content has changed a bit in the last year as she transforms her life to be in alignment with God.
  • [3:29] - The first thing that happened that started this change is Cayla’s confusion about her business direction.
  • [5:06] - Through an experience with a friend, she realized she was doing things that weren’t in alignment.
  • [7:41] - At this point, Cayla turned to scripture.
  • [9:18] - Cayla shares the scripture that impacted her at this moment.
  • [11:14] - The scripture shared was what Cayla was drawn to and through prayer, she realized the demons in her life.
  • [12:38] - Anything we need, all we need to do is believe and pray.
  • [13:40] - Someone who loves Jesus Christ may be offensive.
  • [14:43] - Are you unconsciously leading yourself and others away from God?
  • [15:54] - Life is not about becoming better. When we follow Christ, we deny ourselves.
  • [16:50] - If you are confused and doubting yourself, choose to go all in on your faith.
  • [18:27] - Cayla believed she was doing the right thing, but realized the things she was doing were ungodly.

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