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The Urgent Case for Supply Chain Transparency with Infor's Monica Truelsch
14th December 2021 • TEKTOK • Supply Chain Now
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It's no longer enough to just know where a shipment is. Can you access the number of containers, orders and line items? The reality is, global supply chains operating in today's unpredictable environment are more like complex networks than chains. All of the players need to be able to share information at a more granular level while creating processes of mutual benefit - something the traditional concept of visibility won't get you. Join Karin as she discusses the urgent case for supply chain #transparency with Infor's Monica Truelsch.

Episode highlights:

The difference between transparency and visibility in global supply chain management

How to create transparency in large global networks with less digitally sophisticated suppliers

Where to start when enhancing supply chain transparency across your network

Proven areas of ROI like optimized working capital, protecting supplier investments and more.

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