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Putting the Horse Before the Cart
Episode 1615th December 2022 • Start Smart • Peter Weddle
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In this episode of the podcast, we took a look at the recent report by Sapient Insights Group that presents the results of their 25th Annual HR Systems Survey.  As its title indicates, the research covers the entire HR systems field, so we focused on the findings related to talent technology.  The data were collected from 2,515 organizations in 65 countries.  Those organizations represented industries ranging from professional services and healthcare to manufacturing and retail/wholesale, with better than half of them (59%) employing 500 or more workers.

As we usually do, we pulled out and discussed three summary findings: Unlike what happened during economic slowdowns in the past, the vast majority of the larger organizations in the survey plan to increase their tech investments in the next year.  In addition, the #1 area in which they plan to invest is talent technology, in effect putting the horse before the cart because you can’t manage the resources you don’t have.  And finally, an astonishingly large number of the respondents were not reporting key metrics up the chain of command, which could derail their plans for continued investment in talent technology.  As always, there was plenty of food for our conversation, so we hope you’ll join us and listen in.

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