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Overcoming Fears and Trusting Your Inner Voice with Sara Ayers
Episode 11st September 2020 • Undefined • Marisa Tashman
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In today's episode, I talk with Sara Ayers, founder of The Base Body Co., a company that created organic and vegan adaptogenic wellness powders to help you cope with the stressful realities of our environment and culture.

Topics Discussed:

  • Increasing your intuition and trusting your inner voice;
  • Being a female founder and overcoming fears of being judged;
  • Defining yourself by your work;
  • Coping with the "hustle" culture of the wellness industry;
  • Daily rituals to stay grounded
  • Being gifted spell books and love potions as a child;
  • Incorporating sound meditation through music;
  • Dating intuitively;
  • The importance of mentorship; and
  • Learning how to stand up for yourself.

Relevant Links:

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As always, thank you to Maytav Koter and Spencer Stewart for the music on my podcast.