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Michael Johnson On Becoming The Strength & Conditioning Coach at Oregon State University for Gymnastics, Track & Field, Women’s Rowing, and Wrestling, Inside Scoop of D1 Athletics During Covid-19, What Makes a Good Coach, Finding Your Mentors, How Being Relatable is Important & More
Episode 814th July 2020 • Blue Collar Fitness • Josh Sargeant & Connor Burton
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08: In this episode Hosts Josh, Connor, Trevor, and Dave interview Coach Michael Johnson who runs sports performance at Oregon State University about his experiences training athletes, the path to becoming a D1 strength & conditioning coach, lessons for finding mentors in your career, unconventional training, gymnastic recovery, Strength & Conditioning resources and coaches to learn from, and cool apps for measuring your performance. 

  • Josh introduces our guest Michael Johnson! (00:25)
  • How to become a D1 Strength & Conditioning Coach? (3:12)
  • Graduate Assistants live in the weight room...literally. (6:52)
  • How Mike has adapted to the new policies at OSU. (13:09)
  • Movement Quality vs. Chasing numbers. (19:30)
  • Strength or Conditioning first? (26:00)
  • Mentors. (31:30)
  • In-Season vs. Off-Season Philosophy. (33:00)
  • Gymnastics Recovery. (39:26)
  • Mike’s favorite book The Essential Wooden. (47:00)
  • What separates Good coaches from Bad coaches? (47:17)
  • Unconventional Training Experiences. (50:39)
  • How Mike responded to Covid-19? (52:23)
  • Apps for measuring rest and training efficiency. (54:35)
  • Episode Recap! (1:01:06)




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