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How to Become An Efficient & Effective Reader with Abby Marks Beale
Episode 6626th January 2023 • Elite Achievement • Kristin Burke
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How many times have you set a goal to read more books? I have, and last year, I actually surpassed my goal! This was a big accomplishment, so I wanted to bring on an expert to help us understand how to make reading enjoyable, achievable, and efficient. I’m excited for you to hear from Abby Marks Beale about how to do all of that, and transform your relationship to  learning through reading.


7:46 - It’s all about being really discerning about where you’re at at this time, what you’re interested in, what’s gonna be most relevant to you personally and professionally.

11:45 - “When I was in elementary school I had to stand up in front of the class and read and ever since then I have hated reading.” They were told they were bad or they were too slow. Let it go. Your past does not predict your future.

18:14 - Speed Reading is an active, mindful and conscious set of strategies that allow you to get what you need quickly from any reading material in an efficient and effective manner.

25:01 - Before you start jumping in and trying to commit to memory something you don’t even know, look at the whole chapter, find that outline, read through that quickly first, and then when you go back and read it in more detail, find the areas that are unfamiliar to you. Then create a good note-taking method.

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