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014: "Our kids need to see themselves in stories." Creating children's books and knowing you are richly loved with Melissa Leslie Q
Episode 1425th August 2019 • The Filipino American Woman Project • Jen Amos
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Artist, Author, Health Advocate and Entrepreneur Melissa Leslie Q is internationally known for her fine art reflecting musical inspirations and deeply symbolic works depicting spiritual thought processes, experiences and revelations. Born in the Midwest, her childhood was marked early on with racist incidences that would set a course of shaping her thinking about what it is to be a minority, a female and an artist in a small blue collar town set among fields of corn and cows. In this episode, we talk about raising children as an artist (the inspirations behind her latest project #KumustaBaby) and how her faith plays a vital role in knowing who you are and how loved you are. Lastly, despite how you may feel about what you put out into the world, that your work can make a positive, healing experience in someone else's life.

Connect with Melissa Leslie Q at or on Instagram @melissaleslieq or @melissaleslieqart.


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