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IN YO MOUTH - Michael Muñoz 18th September 2020
What is In Yo Mouth? - Teaser
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What is In Yo Mouth? - Teaser

Get to know In Yo Mouth & it's hostess with the mostess, Michael Muñoz with this brand new teaser!

In Yo Mouth is the first and only queer food podcast on the airwaves where Michael Muñoz not only brings you the latest and greatest in food news but also celebrates and tells the stories of his LGBTQ brothers and sisters through a food lens.

Join him as he takes you on a tasty and fabulous ride with the best of the best in the Queer Community. They don't call him the Andy Cohen of food for nothin' hunnie!

If you happen to stumble upon episodes 1-80, they were a fun and sassy exploratory mission that helped make In Yo Mouth what it is today!

So what are you waiting for? Tune In and don't forget to Rate & Review!