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What to do with Cash Right Now?
Episode 21st September 2022 • CPA Accelerator Podcast • Greg Shepard
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In this episode, Greg Shepard shares with you talking points you might have with your clients if they find themselves with too much cash in their savings / checking account.

This is prevalent on the tail-end (we think) of the red-hot housing market. Lots of home SELLERS out there have pocketed quite a bit of cash and not really interested in "gambling" in the stock market.

So, as the trusted accountant......what do you tell your clients if they've recently sold their home and looking for a little help?

Listen as Greg goes through an alternative to cash right now....won't last forever though.

As a CPA Planner, this 16min episode will help educate you on having those more meaningful conversations.....rather than saying, "that's not really my area."

Remember, the more proactive, holistic solutions you bring to your clients....the more they tend to refer you!