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026 - The Power of Nonviolence, with Jamila Raqib
24th April 2019 • Arab Tyrant Manual Podcast • Arab Tyrant Manual Podcast
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What is the purpose of nonviolence? What are its limits? Surely it couldn't work against someone as brutal as the Nazis...could it? In this episode, Iyad and Ahmed speak to Jamila Raqib, Executive Director of the Albert Einstein Institution - an organisation dedicated to advance the worldwide study and strategic use of nonviolent action. She tells us about working with Professor Gene Sharp, what issues are on the cutting edge of nonviolence, and future problems for nonviolent movements. You can find Jamila on Twitter @JamilaRaqib. If you enjoyed this episode, we have plans for a lot more on this topic. Support us on Patreon and be the first to hear about them!