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GOING SOLO - David Shriner-Cahn EPISODE 48, 3rd July 2020
Jump Start Your Consulting Business Featuring Elizabeth Borelli
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Jump Start Your Consulting Business Featuring Elizabeth Borelli

As the founder of NextCareer Coaching, Elizabeth Borelli has remained a top-ranked career counsellor for multi-national talent conglomerate Lee Hecht Harrison since 2016. She leverages a BA in Psychology and ICF Coaching Credential with multiple accreditations to help her clients find their niche, build their brand and reach their business goals.

We discuss:

  • A windy road to a purpose-driven role [1:55]
  • Why getting sales as quickly as possible is key to pivoting [5:20]
  • How to speed up a start-up business if you have been laid off [7:20]
  • The mechanics of prioritizing in networking [9:41]
  • The mistake a lot of people make when reaching out to people in their network [13:07]
  • A confused mind always says “no” [16:20]
  • How to approach an introduction to a second-level decision maker [18:47]
  • The [in]credible power of referrals [19:53]
  • The more you connect, the more likely you’re going to be connected [21:21]

Learn more about Elizabeth at  www.nextcareercoaching.com.

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