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The Speedwell Deep Pit Hero
Episode 91st March 2021 • The BackTracker History Show • The Backtracker
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During the final years of working at Speedwell Colliery, an act of bravery took place which at the time touched the hearts of thousands of local people.

It all started at about 8 p.m. on the night of Sunday August 21st 1932, when Jack Emery aged 43, a colliery fireman who was the overman of the mine’s No.5 District,  met up with two of his friends who also worked at the mine, Isaac Kendall, 48 married to Mary Jefferies, and Frank Plummer at the station at about 10.45 pm, where he instructed them to clear up any dirt in the district’s bottom level, before moving up the coal face to the top level, clearing away anything else they might find as they went.

What happened next would have repercussions for years to come.


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