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Sorrelle in the library: Seeing The Libraries With A Fresh Perspective
Episode 59th May 2022 • Our Cov • Coventry City of Culture Trust
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Sorrelle grew up in Coventry in the 1970s and 1980s. She begins by reminding us how it used to be.

These days, Sorrelle plays a key role in developing the city’s libraries. Over the last year, her job has grown and expanded more than she could ever imagine.

Gone are the days of silent spaces and shushing, now Coventry Libraries are a space for art and community, with bigger and bolder ambition supported by the City of Culture’s producers.

If you’re wondering where exactly we are whilst recording - then picture us starting sat on a bench at the top of City Arcade (once home to a bird cage!). We move through the neighbouring alleyways, pass the market, through the precincts, head towards West Orchard Shopping Centre and finish standing in front of the Central Library (the former Locarno ballroom).

‘Our Cov’ podcast series is a Coventry City of Culture Trust commission, created and produced by A Small Furry Bear Productions.

Sound design and exec producer: Clare Freeman. Assistant producer: Holly Close.

Features music by Mintakaa. You can hear their songs on Spotify.

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