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Staying Original And Creative Inside Your Business with Becca Wood
Episode 58th March 2023 • Side Checks • Amy Schmidt
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Have you ever found yourself comparing your business to others? Wondering what other education you’ve missed out on that people ‘more successful’ than you have absorbed? The notion of not painting the full picture of entrepreneurship (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and only building businesses based on what past successful people have done has truly started to bother my next guest. 

Becca dives into Side Checks with the revelation that we should be more creative with our business growth, as if we were the trailblazers, not the people following those who have come before us. And one of those creative methods Becca loves to encourage entrepreneurs to pursue is networking. 

Becca designs Squarespace websites, quickly. She's passionate about having real, honest conversations about the online business space, and thinking creatively about building a business that works for you. She's also the host of Probably Bothered, the podcast where she talks about everything that bothers her...

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

Becca walks us through the reality of staying creative and original within our businesses even after absorbing all the education from those who came before us. It’s incredibly easy to look at all the resources from someone within our industry and apply them to our business. However, when our business lacks creativity, it truly won’t go as far as it could. 

Becca discusses how she applies this method to her design business for clients and her take on staying creative while being strategic. We also dive into methods for building our business through creative networking and relying on tangible business neighbors versus larger than life competitors. 

Links & Resources:

You can read more about Becca and her design business at Becca also offers coffee chats and website audits for entrepreneurs looking to strategically enhance their web presence. You can connect with Becca and book that time with her, right here


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