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Chapter 95. Does your bus driver stop so you can make a snowball?
Episode 9528th February 2022 • The Corona Diaries • Steve Hogarth
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Listening back to Chapter 95 and it dawned on me(and not for the first time) how eclectic this podcast has become. Of course if you have got this far, you have probably become immune to it - and I thought I would try and illustrate this by simply summarising this episode in bullet-point form.

So in no particular order, the top ten facts about Chapter 95;

  • To be committed to languid you have to go for the full quarter tone
  • Kutting Krew was not spelled with a K and neither is Danelektro
  • The milkshake moment remains very special
  • I am convinced the Cellist was in the building
  • Always have a tidy-up before you stand in front of the bench
  • One of us had to catch it as some point
  • Roll out the bed, the weather is lovely
  • More a pressure valve than a fountain
  • I am a cereal killer, armed only with a banana
  • Can't hear it on-stage, can't hear it out-front

See what I mean?

Mincing'n'skulking'n'sleighbellrattling n'tambourineashaking

All in a day's work...


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