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BJGP Interviews - The British Journal of General Practice EPISODE 12, 24th November 2020
High platelet counts and diagnosis in primary care
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High platelet counts and diagnosis in primary care

In this episode we talk to Dr Sarah Bailey who is a senior research fellow with the DISCO Cancer Diagnostics Group at the University of Exeter in the UK.

The title of the paper is: Association of non-malignant diseases with thrombocytosis: a prospective cohort study in general practice

Read the paper: https://doi.org/10.3399/bjgp20X713501

Thrombocytosis has recently emerged as a risk marker of undiagnosed cancer in patients in primary care. However, 89% of patients with thrombocytosis do not have undiagnosed cancer. This study estimates the link between thrombocytosis and non-malignant diseases. Primary care clinicians can use the results of this study as a clinical aid to look for and to diagnose associated diseases other than cancer in patients with thrombocytosis.