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Hiring for Neurodiversity at TD Bank - with Keith Isaac
Episode 105th September 2022 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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As neurodiversity is becoming more respected in the corporate world, one of North America’s top ten banks, TD Bank Group, has taken steps to adjust its hiring processes, opening the door for talented candidates who were previously excluded. In this episode, I am speaking with Keith Isaac, the VP of Capital Markets, Risk Management for TD Bank Group, and the parent of a child with autism. Keith talks about the new practices adopted within TD Bank to recruit and onboard neurodivergent individuals. As the parent of an autistic child, Keith Isaac has been inspired to bring awareness of neurodiversity into the workplace and effect meaningful change at the bank.

Here’s to, as TD Bank Group says, “maintaining a welcoming, barrier-free culture for everyone”.

Show Notes

I hope you enjoy listening as we speak about:

00:04:42 From “people with disabilities” to “individuals with diverse abilities”

00:05:10 TD Insurance on the forefront 

00:07:54 The autism spectrum

00:09:47 Barriers need to be broken down

00:11:28  Re-imagining the interview process for inclusivity

00:14:02  The benefit of COVID and new candidates

00:16:30 Technology has been an equalizer

00:17:44  Culture and the need for connection

00:20:09 The organization benefits through inclusivity

00:23:50 Lack of clarity and communication leads to burnout

00:25:52  Best practices for ADHD would help all of us

00:27:39  How big changes happen  

00:32:40  Never needing inclusion or diversity pillars in the future

00:35:14  Hopes for Keith's daughter




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