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Is Your Side Hustle Idea Too Niche?
Episode 201st May 2023 • Side Checks • Amy Schmidt
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Niche side hustle business ideas can oftentimes be more successful than a general business idea. There is so much power in serving a specific target audience with a unique solution. However, there is such a thing as being too niche. This episode will walk you through how to determine if your creative side hustle idea, is too creative or not, for earning income. 

In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

In this episode, you’ll hear what is considered to be a niche business, the pros and cons of a niche business, and a simple 3-question checklist in determining if your side hustle business idea is too niche. 

  • What is a niche business?
  • The pros and cons of a niche business
  • Why a business, too niche, will fail 
  • A 3-question checklist to determine if your business is too niche
  • What to do if your business is too niche

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