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Episode 21610th December 2023 • The comedians paradise • Marvin McCarthy
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An interview podcast giving the inside scoop of what happens in comedy scenes across the globe and dedicated to speaking to the mavericks in the comedy world. We speak to Oldhamer and honorary Scouser, Che Burnley.

In the last few years Che has established his own Showcase show in Edinburgh & Liverpool, provided tour support for Reginald D Hunter, written his own solo shows and still found time to gig across the country. At home MCing as he is in any spot Che is currently working on his next show HATE (pt. 1). Here is an overview of what we discussed:

[[01:59]] Pay hasn’t gone up for comedians [[3:32]]

[[03:43]] Black comedy showcases [[07:37]]

[[07:32]] Creativity is stifled by needing to eat to [[07:35]]

[[07:46]] Why comedians diversify [[10:09]]

[[15:00]] Its better not to know everything about people [[17:16]]

[[19:49]] Joke thievery being everywhere in the past [[22:13]]

[[27:01]] We all want to be right rather than have interesting discussions [[31:25]]

[[49:12]] People know what morals are but green is always the colour [[53:17]]

[[59:51]] Some people shouldn’t be doing hour shows [[63:38]]

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