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Nothing is Single Threaded- with Mitch Weintraub, Founding Partner of Cordia Partners
Episode 213th July 2020 • The NoVA Business Podcast • Jessica Du Bois & Derek Winn
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The power of a business and personal network should never be discounted and no one should underestimate the resilience of an individual or organization.  That’s the story that you’ll hear today, with our guest, Mitch Weintraub of Cordia Partners. If you’re doing business in Northern Virginia, chances are you already know Mitch, or a member of the Cordia team. That’s because they have worked hard to build a strong network, brand, and solution set for businesses. Cordia touches on nearly every area of people, process, and technology in the finance and accounting space. Listen in, as we learn how Mitch helped to grow Cordia into one of most well-known consultant and out-sourced accounting firms in Northern Virginia.

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Episode Takeaways:

  • “Failure is not an option,” and how early lessons became the fabric of who Mitch is today
  • The spark that helped Cordia not only get started, but also the rocket fuel that propelled them moving forward
  • How building a company around solving client problems can become a self-priming pump for a business
  • The value of growing and nurturing relationships with like-minded people within the community - but also the importance of aligning core values
  • The importance of keeping growth top of mind, but also making sure that your people are a priority during difficult times
  • Why Northern Virginia is a great place for business – and why it will stay that way.