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Brian Luebben | Define Your Vivid Vision and Achieve Financial Freedom
Episode 7627th June 2023 • Passive Wealth Principles • Jake Harris
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Fed up with seeking others' approval and feeling trapped by society's rules? Want to shape a life and business that truly reflect what you care about? In this Passive Wealth Principles podcast episode, Jake Harris chats with Brian Luebben, an entrepreneur and the voice behind the Action Academy podcast. Brian shares how he journeyed toward financial independence and the freedom of working anywhere. His key advice? Be clear about your dreams and then make them happen. It's not just about picking the right way to make money, but knowing where you want it to take you. Brian suggests finding what you love and turning it into a business, while also enjoying the journey and gaining new skills. So if you're ready to set a clear direction for your life and take bold steps to reach your goals, don't miss this uplifting episode!



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