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Episode 73: Breaking Your Box
Episode 7331st May 2021 • The Growth Boss Podcast - Building an eCommerce Business from 0 to 6 Figures • Deirdre Tshien & Bona Rai
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Have you ever been told you have to do things a certain way?

Perhaps even what it is you're meant to be doing in the first place?

Even though you know deep in your gut that that's not the path you should necessarily be on?

If so, we have a very special conversation for you... with someone who was on a path and found a way to do something completely different that he loved. And in the meantime, figuring out what the one thing is you NEED to be doing to make your business a success.

Join us as we speak to Bob DePasquale about his journey figuring all of this out.

Bob is an advocate of stewardship.  He has always believed in taking care of the things that he has been blessed with.  It is his mission to help others in doing the same.

To find out more about him and how he can help you, visit and

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