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EP. 21 Taking Social Security at Age 62
Episode 2121st February 2024 • Hello Retirement • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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In this episode, the discussion revolves around the decision of whether to take Social Security benefits at the age of 62. This suggests that the best time to take Social Security is when it is needed the most. However, there are important factors to consider before making this decision. One such factor is the provisional income limit, which determines how much one can earn while taking Social Security. Earning over this limit can result in deductions from the benefit. There is a need to be aware of potential penalties associated with making more money in retirement and highlights the importance of understanding the impact on spousal benefits.

The episode delves into the significance of timing when it comes to taking Social Security benefits. For married individuals, coordinating the timing of when each spouse takes their benefits can be crucial. Additionally, this episode stresses the importance of considering longevity, family history, and the performance of investments when deciding when to start drawing Social Security benefits. It also points out that retirement income and expenses may fluctuate, urging you to be prepared for potential financial ebbs and flows in their retirement plans.

Key Points:

#1 The impact of provisional income on Social Security benefits

#2 Considering timing and spousal benefits

#3 Evaluating longevity and family history

#4 Coordination with other sources of income, such as pensions and investments

#5 The significance of timing when taking your Social Security benefit

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