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Happy Valentines 2019! | Marjorie Stoneman Douglas ~ Michael Franti Flower in the Gun | Soil Health Webinar
14th February 2019 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Hey everyone! So watching the news this morning, 1 year anniversary of the Parkland Florida massacre at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High. The interesting fact about Marjorie Stoneman Douglas for me is that she was a passionate environmentalist! She basically created the Everglades. I never heard of her till last fall, when we read about her in the incredible Wonders curriculum. So, IDK for me I have more of a connection there then to the other shootings in our schools.

I wish I had some words of wisdom for you today. All I can say, is I feel like what we need more then anything is to teach kids proper use of social media. It should be our tool to teach them how to connect with like minded friends. I am not a fan of violent war games and I do think video games and television has a huge roll to play. Why we glorify violence? Sex and violence. Anyway off-topic.

My mom actually told me about this, but my favorite musician Michael Franti wrote a new song and he was promoting it on the Morning Joe. It’s called a Flower in the Gun.

I wish I could say Mike and I were ready to launch our Free Organic Garden Course today. We’re close that’s all I can say. I posted a pic on Facebook yesterday of Mike reading the workbook. That’s always a good sign, because he never reads anything online. He’s approved everything and I have almost finished all the recordings.

We’ve aimed to use our place as a guidebook to help you take your garden journey to the next level using pictures to try to illustrate as many concepts as we can that have been taught on my show.  Today I am going to visit with the AMAZING Mandi Gerth! Can’t wait to share that with you! She also has a class coming out ~ The Lower Valley Farm Academy.

If you didn’t get to catch the webinar  Steve (and I ~ haha ~ I could barely get on the line) put on was very informative. Something I could watch a few times to get the hang of all he said, but a lot of what he teaches is an in depth version of the same principles Patti Armbrister has shared so I know you are going to be super interested. He hasn’t released the replay yet but when he does I’ll make sure you get a link.

So, wishing you all a very Happy Valentines!

Stay warm and safe and thanks always for listening! I hope you have something growing, something you’re tending too, caring for watering, because really plants are more then just something to look at they become almost like family. I love my herbs growing in my windows. I look at them everyday with a little bit of love.

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