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People and Possibilities
Episode 1015th July 2021 • People to People podcast • Hazel Darwin-Clements and Chimzy Dorey
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Is the next chapter Africa's chapter? Will the Brough family stay longer in Malawi? What will become possible with the new research facility in the University of Malawi which was built in partnership with the University of Glasgow? How can women be empowered to have a career in environmentalism? How can we increase awareness and mobilise communities into action that mitigates against the effects of Climate Change?

We hear from Dr Tiwonge Gowa (Ornathologist) Gary, Jaqceline, Morven and Eilidh Brough (Scottish family living in Malawi), Dr Paul Garside (Dean for Global Engagement (Africa & Middle East) University of Glasgow), David Hope Jones (Chief Executive Scotland Malawi Partnership), Susan Dalgety (author of The Spirit of Malawi) and Andrew Namakhoma (former chair of the Malawi and Scotland Partnership).

"We can be guilty of understanding places like Malawi as collections of problems rather than collections of people." Gary Brough

"Human beings, we have an amazing ability to enjoy life even at its most challenging" Susan Dalgety

“It is this beautiful country with funny people and incredible people and people who want to do well and want to do better, and that really excites me and I think to have friends here in Scotland who are also like ‘hey, I see what you are trying to do and let’s do it together’ that really excites me. There’s these two worlds that are coming together to create a better world.” Chimzy Dorey

“There are some serious scientists who suggest that humanity began actually along the shores of Lake Malawi. Sometimes it feels like that, that this is actually all our home.” Susan Dalgety

"There’s a real trust in that relationship between Malawi and Scotland…  it also means a real responsibility on all of us, you know, woah - we’re involved in this amazing 160 year relationship." David Hope-Jones

"We’re just the custodians of this chapter of the bilateral relationship." David Hope-Jones

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