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Trusting the Universe – How to Recognize What’s Not Meant For You
Episode 205th May 2023 • Mind Mashed - A Transformative Mindfulness & 5D Spirituality Podcast • Piyush Prashant
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Have you ever felt like you're constantly pushing against a brick wall, trying to make something work that just doesn't seem to be working?
Well, it might be time to take a step back and listen to your intuition.
Join us as we explore:

  • Different types of resistance.
  • Share personal stories of things that didn't work out but led to something better.
  • Offer tips on how to recognize when something isn't meant for you.
  • The importance of letting go.
  • Trusting the Universe.

Episode Time Stamps:

00:00 - Join the Mind Mashed Tribe
00:07 - What's inside the Episode?
00:45 - Intro Music
01:27 - Important Announcement
02:55 - How to Recognize What’s Not Meant For You 
04:16 - My Personal Story
06:06 - What is Resistance? Type of Resistances.
09:52 - Trusting the universe
10:54 - Important Tips!
12:12 - Your intuition is a powerful tool!
15:19 - Outro

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