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How Reshoring, Sustainability, and Customer Success are Helping Manufacturers Win with Bright Machines' Sean Murray
Episode 1297th March 2023 • Manufacturing Happy Hour • Chris Luecke
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Reshoring, customer success, and sustainability – just some of the topics we cover in this cornucopia of an episode with Sean Murray, VP of Customer Success at Bright Machines.

Sean joins this episode of Manufacturing Happy Hour to talk about his career and his insights into the industry. We explore the concept of software-defined manufacturing, why there’s such a push toward re-shoring and the benefits of flexible manufacturing. Sean shares some all-important advice for manufacturers looking to re-shore, as well as some insights into customer success and why it’s a rising star in the manufacturing world.

Tune in to hear Sean’s perspective on the changes happening across manufacturing and to learn the secrets behind making M&Ms from his time in factory work.

In this episode, find out:

  • How Sean first became interested in manufacturing
  • Why software-first companies are leading the way
  • How software-defined manufacturing works
  • The role of customer success in manufacturing
  • Why flexible manufacturing can boost your business and revenue
  • Why there’s such a big push for re-shoring
  • Sean’s advice for manufacturers looking at reshoring
  • Repurposing hardware and sustainability in manufacturing

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Tweetable Quotes:

  • "Manufacturers don't want to be burned again by a point solution that’s hard to integrate. They need a full stack, and it has to add value. That's the shift that’s happening now, and the early adopter phase is over. We're in the real product phase, which is wonderful.”
  • “To approach manufacturing now with a customer success mindset is really just to recognize that the market has changed a bit, that there's not as many manufacturing gurus around as there used to be, and that the automation is more advanced.”
  • “With flexible manufacturing, you can build lots of something and switch over to the next product and then the next product, which means your higher paid workers are more effective, they're utilized in a better way, and they can build higher margin products.”

Links & mentions:

  • Bright Machines, a software and robotics company focused on automation in the manufacturing industry.
  • The Manufacturing Hub podcast, a podcast that explores manufacturing news, insights, and cutting-edge technologies to educate and inspire leaders and workers in manufacturing.

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