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Caroline Clark on Fear and Anxiety in Dogs and how you can support your pet
13th March 2023 • The Paw Post Podcast • Rachel Spencer
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NEARLY half of dogs experience anxiety in some way in their lives and Caroline Clark, author of Fear and Anxiety in Dogs is on a mission to support pets and owners.

A study by the Journal of Veterinary Behaviour found 44 per cent of dogs showed signs of anxiety and this impacts on pet parents too.

Caroline is a vet nurse and behavioural counsellor meaning she works with both dogs and people in helping them to overcome challenges.

This year her book, Fear and Anxiety in Dogs was published, tackling a topic close to her heart and offering an accessible resource for pet parents.

I spoke to hear about her book to mark Pet Anxiety Month in March, and she shared her insights on how to spot the signs your dog might be anxious and ways to support them.

Key topics and timings in this conversation:

0.02 - Introduction to Caroline Clark and her background.

2.07 - Behavioural counselling explained.

4.08 - How Caroline specialised in working with anxious dogs.

6.00 - What are the signs of an anxious dog?

9.24 - Why sometimes it’s easy to miss the signs of anxiety.

10.52 - The first step if you think your dog is anxious.

13.40 - Why it’s helpful to look at your dog’s environment when trying to overcome anxiety.

17.09 - How anxiety varies between each individual dog.

18.56 - What to expect from the book.

23.39 - The emotions an anxious dog owner experiences.

29.09 - What’s the message for anyone struggling with anxiety?

Links mentioned in this chat:

Read this post:

Where to find out more about Caroline

Caroline’s website has links to blogs, free downloads and online courses:

Ways to find a suitably qualified behaviour counsellor:

The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) has a list of regulated clinical animal behaviourists that meet the standards set by the ABTC

The Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) is a regulatory body that represents animal behaviour counsellors and trainers

Visit Caroline's author page for find sample pages of her book and details of how to get it - along with access to some free Ebooks





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