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814: A Courageously Poured-Out Life // Becoming Brave 08.5 (Leslie Ludy)
6th May 2022 • Daily Thunder Podcast • Eric Ludy + Nathan Johnson
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In this episode Leslie unpacks the faith-filled life of George Müller and explains how we as believers are called to embrace a sacrificial, courageous, poured-out missionary-mindset no matter where God has placed us.  This means being willing to “go” if God asks you to go, but it also means being willing to “stay” if God asks you to stay - not to protect your own comforts, but to pour your life out for those in your own culture.  This is what we see in the life of George Müller, who eternally changed the lives over over 120,000 underprivileged children during his lifetime.  May his example encourage us to make ourselves fully available to God, no matter where He has placed us.  

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