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Towards mastering the essentials of the powerhouse team with Janet Klees - Part 1
Episode 1218th August 2022 • Get That Good Life! Conference Replay • Imagine More
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In this practical, interactive session, Janet Klees will zero in on some essential elements and strategies that ensure that you and your team are on their way to making a lasting and positive difference in the lifestyle and experience of your family member.

Together, we will:

  • Discover which elements to focus on to make the most significant difference in a good life in community with your family member
  • Zero in on the different perspectives of every team member – the person, family, support – and why this matters
  • Define “good support” – what does it look like, feel like, sound like when it happens, and what gets in the way
  • Learn how to orient new staff to the position of being a bridge to community
  • Explore the concept of being a bridge:
  • how your presence can impact belonging
  • what “fading” can look like, and
  • the inherent but essential tensions to master
  • Learn how to harness resilience
  • Discover the power of thinking in metaphor

This session has been split into three parts. This is part one.


This session was introduced by Gus Reichelt

Hi, my name is Gus. I would like to tell you about Janet Klees. Janet lives in Canada. Her work is very important. It is based on SRV (Social Role Valorisation). She helps people with disability to get the good things in life. Janet believes that it's important to build strong communities that welcome everyone. Janet is very good at teaching the best way to support people with disability.

Last time Janet spoke about "Building a Powerhouse Team: Families and Their Support." Her presentation today is called “Towards Mastering the Essentials of the Powerhouse Team.”

I hope you enjoy listening to Janet.

Meet Janet Klees

Janet Klees is the Executive Director of the Durham Association for Family Resources and Support, a family-centred, SRV-anchored resource and support centre for families interested in building good, ordinary lives in community for and with their family members with disability.

Janet has spoken many times at our events over the years. She is a popular presenter because of her ability to communicate the nuances of supporting people with disability to enjoy the good things of life.

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