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Bonus Episode13th February 2023 • Research Culture Uncovered • Research Culturosity, University of Leeds
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In our weekly Research Culture Uncovered conversations we are asking what is Research Culture and why does it matter? This short bonus episode with Ruth Winden is released to explain a short gap in our podcasts due to ongoing strike action in UK Higher Education institutions. As a collective we have decided not to release new episodes on strike days so we will be back shortly!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the other episodes from Emma Spary, Ged Hall, Tony Bromley, Ruth Winden and Nick Sheppard with a few special guest appearances.


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Welcome to the Research Culture Uncovered podcast, where in every episode we explore what is research culture and what should it be. You'll hear thoughts and opinions from a range of contributors to help you change research culture into what you want it to be.

Ruth Winden:

Welcome to our podcast. I'm Ruth Winden, Careers with Research Consultant at the University of Leeds. If you're a regular listener, you know we normally release a new podcast episode every Wednesday at 12 noon UK time, but our schedule will be different over the coming weeks due to the higher education strike action across UK institutions. As a collective, we've chosen not to release any episodes on strike.

This means that there won't be a new episode on the 15th and the 22nd of February and the 1st and 22nd of March. We will share new content with you again on all the other Wednesdays in between.

since our launch in November:


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