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280 Navigating the Passage, Healing as Voyage of Exploration • Heather Becker-Brungard
Episode 28029th November 2022 • Qiological Podcast • Michael Max
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Getting off track is not something uncommon for us. In fact, it’s an everyday part of our human experience. The question is, how do you notice when this happens and then how do you reorient? More importantly, how do you navigate when in unfamiliar territory? And likewise with your clinical work, how do you deal with the new and the unknown when it comes to treating patients?

In this conversation with Heather Becker-Brungard, we discuss some ways of approaching our work, as well as how we interact with the body. Much like the ancient navigators who mastered navigating by listening and sensing the water, weather, tides, currents, and wind. In clinical work practice and repetition make you better at what you do. And as we learn to work and interact with nature, our senses become refined and open up opportunities for new discoveries.

Listen into this discussion on healing and why it isn’t linear. And navigating the passage of illness to heal, and how you can be a trustworthy navigator to your patients in the clinic.