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Lyme Disease Awareness with Dr. Shannon Delaney
Episode 2414th June 2023 • Resilient Health Radio • Dr. Darin Ingels
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When it comes to Lyme’s disease and tick-borne illness, there is very little awareness surrounding the fact that it’s simply everywhere! Ticks are rampant - And the severity of tick-borne illness is quite alarming to say the least. Not only does it affect you medically, but mentally as well.

In today’s episode of Resilient Health Radio, Dr. Darin is joined by board-certified psychiatrist, Dr. Shannon Delaney to discuss all things Lyme and tick-borne illness related . Dr. Delaney does a mix of research and medical work and specializes in seeing children, adolescents, and adults with complex neuropsychiatric symptoms after a suspected Lyme or tick-borne illness. 

Tune in to learn more about:

  • [03:33] - Could it be Lyme or tick-borne illness? (Neuropsychiatric symptoms)  
  • [08:03] - Things you need to know about Lyme’s disease 
  • [14:06] - Research = valuable information 
  • [20:07] - Is there hope for vaccine prevention?
  • [23:04] - A peek into Dr. Delaney’s practice




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