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The Happiness Hub - Kedren Elliott & Liz Parkin EPISODE 31, 23rd May 2021
EP031: The Power of Letting Go with Benjamin Stubbs
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EP031: The Power of Letting Go with Benjamin Stubbs

The last week of our 6-week wellness programme is all about Letting Go.

Mind Set coach Benjamin Stubbs talks to us about why we have thoughts and emotions that stay with us and takes Keds through an exercise called the Sedona method to welcome and subdue these thoughts and feelings that stay with us.

If you have difficulty letting go of thoughts and feelings about any of life's situations or events, you can practise this very powerful technique whilst listening to the podcast or practise at home.

Through our podcast e want to help you make small little changes to your mindset and lifestyle that will help your ith your well-being and optimise you with your happiness.

Come join us on our Happiness Hub Facebook page and visit our Happiness Hub Website to find out what other Happiness events and projects we're doing to improve peoples mental health.