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Fabric, Folklore, and Fish
Episode 58th September 2020 • Kaalavastha: Kerala Podcast • World Bank
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Kerala’s economy relies heavily on things that are native and unique to the State - its natural resources, traditions, and heritage. It chose to skip the wave of industrialization, instead developing these other indigenous economies - the best known of which is tourism. Through some very clever marketing this tiny State has made itself a global destination. But even ‘God’s Own Country’ isn’t immune to the recent and successive natural disasters. Traditional sectors like handloom, fishing, and cultural tourism have suffered. Kerala has a strong ‘Responsible Tourism’ mission, committing to economic empowerment, environmental, and social responsibility. A question is emerging: What institutional responses are needed to significantly protect and revive these native sectors, making them self-sustainable and resilient to future disasters and economic shocks?

Thanks to Jose Dominic, Gopinath Parayil, Lakshmi Menon, Sreejith Jeevan, P Robin, Bala Menon, Heather Fernandes, and Illika Sahu. Kaalavastha is narrated by Radhika Viswanathan. It is researched, written and produced by Radhika Viswanathan and Samyuktha Varma. Erwick D’souza composed the music.

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