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The Role of Technology in the Future of Payroll with Fran Williams #120
Episode 12021st July 2023 • The Payroll Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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Nick Day is joined on The Payroll Podcast by Fran Williams, Senior Payroll & HCM Product Director at IRIS Software Group!

Fran is responsible for payroll software and managed services within the UK and globally and is a versatile leader with a proven track record of creating, managing and executing successful commercial and product strategies within the HCM marketplace.

Fran joins me today on The Payroll Podcast to discuss exactly what part technology has to play in the future of payroll management.

In this “The Role of Technology in the Future of Payroll” episode with Fran Williams on The Payroll Podcast, we also explore:

  1. What does the word payroll mean to you?
  2. What advice would you give to small businesses?
  3. How can companies stay on top of upcoming payroll legislation?
  4. How can technology help ensure effective payroll management?
  5. What different tools are on offer to different payroll leaders?
  6. What should be considered when choosing technology?
  7. How should payroll legislation changes be communicated?
  8. What technological innovations are exciting you the most?
  9. Are you excited or pessimistic about the future of payroll?
  10. Tell us more about Iris Software.

Links highlighted in this “The Role of Technology in the Future of Payrollepisode are included below:

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