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The Journey Towards Mastery with Alisha Smith
Episode 195th April 2019 • This Thing Called Movement • Evolna
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Alisha Smith is a highly-esteemed fitness professional, having worked across a multitude of roles and positions during her 15 years in the field. Currently, she is co-director of Integral, an aerial arts and movement studio in Sydney Australia, while also serving as a Master Instructor for Animal Flow. I am so excited to share this episode featuring Alisha, as she is such a thoughtful individual with so much passion for her craft, always seeking to gain more understanding in how she can be of even better service to her community and the world at large. It’s rare to meet someone who takes such serious consideration of utilizing their passion to help others make significant life changes, and Alisha is one of those special people out there.

We discussed the value of the learning process, and how coming into practices as a novice and how being on the journey of developing your mastery is such a rich place to live in and experience, the importance of listening to our bodies and being willing to receive all the information that is being held there, and one of my favorite topics, the importance of tuning into your own curiosity and interests in order to help spark and fuel your movement journey. I enjoyed every moment of this conversation and am so grateful to Alisha for generously sharing her experiences, her passion, and her love for movement with us all!

To connect further with Alisha, you can head over to her business website and Instagram account, or follow her on her personal IG listed below:



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