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Better Each Day Podcast Radio Show with Bruce Hilliard - Bruce Hilliard EPISODE 119, 21st March 2020
I Don’t Wanna, Swingin’ Big Momma and Wink Dinkerson with Bruce Hilliard
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I Don’t Wanna, Swingin’ Big Momma and Wink Dinkerson with Bruce Hilliard

Bruce: And I say to myself What a Wonderful World despite the crap for putting up with right now. But hey, not a big deal we've been through worse. And it could get worse. Who knows? I think the main thing to make note of here is that we're all getting along and making it happen. I have confidence that in time we’ll forget about blame and just get on with it. Fix it! Less rants, more dance.

But let’s not get confused and social dance rather than social distance. And to commemorate this notable social affair, we have guest Wink Dinkerson back to give us some FM freakout with 70s Aberdeen rock band Amberain...aka the Rockles.

Wink: And hey baby, thanks for having me on the show. What’s shakin’ big daddy?

Bruce: Wink, your plaid bell bottom suit looks like Donny Osmond and Greg Brady had a love child.

Wink: Well a big hounddog howdy to that BR. I had it lined with silk so it wouldn’t chaffe me in the summer. Yeah baby!!!

Bruce: You're such a tool Wink! Let’s talk music.

Wink: They say this cat Shaft’s a mean mutha…

Bruce: Shut your mouth.

Wink: I’m talking ‘bout Shaft.

Bruce: You’re getting a little too broey here.

Wink: I am so embarrassed you can stick your finger in my ear and use my face as a night light.Well here’s the scurvy momma baby. 

Wink Dinkerson filling in for Johnny Yuma the Rebel. It’s quarter past the hour and 95 degrees in Cleveland.

Bruce: Dude...we’re in Seattle.

Wink: And now you can install your own Grizzly Dan mud flaps that come fully factory equipped from our fully air conditioned factory with the look of real endangered dinosaur fur...with Radio Shack knobs for the channel of your choice. Now grab your sweetie and…Number one now, it's the Rockles with I Don’t Wanna Say Goodbye!

Wink: It’s a music riot! They’re coming to town and seats are ninety-three cents, yes count’m, ninety-three, tickets are available by mail only and use the coupon in this month's TV Guide.

And here’s a shout out to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest with Swinging From and Vine.

Wink: We’re knocked out by a the barrel fulls of birthday cards you’ve sent and it proves you're the most grooviest listeners in...hey, why does the need to pee intensify a million times when you’re trying to unlock the door to your house?

Wink: Got an old lady like you've never seen. Here’s Amberain with Big Mamma Lady.

I’m Bruce and I’m outta here!