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The RK3 Show - Robert Kennedy III EPISODE 61, 26th May 2020
Ep61 - Age Is A Number But You Shouldn't Pay Attention

Ep61 - Age Is A Number But You Shouldn't Pay Attention

"You're too young, you're not old enough. You're not ready." How can you break through when you're limited even before you had the chance?

Our guest today made his voice heard and opened the doors himself instead of waiting for it to be opened for him. He was raised in poverty and is a college dropout with little formal education.

Now, he helps entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses. Listen as Andy Audate shares how age is just a number when it comes to success.

  • [05:12] As a son of Haitian immigrants, what mindset did Andy have about wealth and the daily grind?
  • [07:41] How did Andy manage to align himself with the heavy hitters and the top speakers in the world at a young age?
  • [09:35] How does Andy command attention and make his audience listen to what he has to say?
  • [12:28] If someone wants to develop the tenacity and grit that Andy has, how should they go about it?
  • [14:16] Why does Andy's hustle mentality intimidate people?
  • [15:58] Andy shares an inspiring story about a young man he managed to motivate through his books and content.
  • [17:54] What is it that Andy believes young people should be concentrating on in order to hit success as the world's job market changes?
  • [19:41] What is the Progression Conference and why should we attend it?

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