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Arise to Christmas: Arise to Unexpected Decisions (The Malingering Magi)
Episode 3407th December 2022 • This Is WholeLife • WholeLife Church Media Productions
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Arise to Christmas: Arise to Unexpected Decisions (The Malingering Magi) - Ken Wetmore

Throughout the Christmas story we encounter people who are called to arise to faith. The Magi are one of the greatest examples of this. They exhibited faith by believing the Scriptures and following a star to Jesus. They showed their faith through the gifts they brought. They acted in faith to leave by a different route when told to do so by God in a dream. This Christmas, arise to have faith in the Messiah's call to you.

One of our #WholeLifeReflections this week asked: Who do you “write off” as not having any religious wisdom and/or relationship with God?

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