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Blue Rupees Episode 17 - David's Revenge Trivia & MASSIVE Amount of Recent Pickups
Episode 1718th July 2019 • The Blue Rupees Podcast • Blue Rupees Network
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This episode we go over our massive game hauls, a hidden gem gets a fan translation, and the Turbo Grafx/PC Engine gets a mini.

What’d we play: 00:02:45

What’d we buy: 00:21:10

Trivia: 01:04:30

Resident Evil Collection on Switch to only have RE4 on cart: 01:57:15

Metal Wolf Chaos XD Gettings Physical Gamestop Release: 02:02:30

Tetris Effect PC Port is Epic Games Exclusive: 02:03:20

Majin Tensei has a Fan Translation, making all Megami Tensei SNES titles to now be translated: 02:04:05

Turbo Grafx/PC Engine Mini Games Revealed: 02:04:50

Ubisoft to punish players making XP Farming Quests in Assassins Creed: 02:09:30

Microtransactions in games getting rough for parents: 02:12:45

New Switch with longer battery: 02:16:10

Division 2 director wants to know if people will play a single player spin-off: 02:17:45

Joy Con drift = argh: 02:18:30

Luigi’s Mansion 3 releases 10/31: 02:21:50

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz on Switch: 02:22:40

Bullshit: New Ape Escape?: 02:29:30