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Real Estate Sessions Rewind – Amy Ransdell, CMO – REVA Global
Bonus Episode22nd November 2022 • The Real Estate Sessions • Bill Risser
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For Episode 289, I venture into the world of virtual assistants with Amy Ransdell, CMO of REVA Global. More and more Realtors are harnessing the power of virtual assistants. As Amy points out, 90% of agent work involves the phone or the computer. A large portion of these tasks can be handled by a VA.

Amy has worn many hats through her career – Agent, short sales, investing, coaching, training, broker, the list goes on. As a single Mom, Amy points out she does not believe balance is possible, rather each person finds their solution to managing their work/life situation.


02:00 – I know you are based in Atlanta. Are you a Georgia native? What’s the biggest misconception about Georgia and Georgians?

04:20 – If I’m in Atlanta for 2 days, what must I see or do?

05:45 – You are a very proud UGA alum. I’ve only been in Florida for a few years, but SEC culture is already a part of who I am. Can I assume you’ve attended the world’s largest cocktail party when UGA and UF square off in Jacksonville?

10:10 – What was your gateway to real estate?

11:20 – You’ve worn many hats in the industry over the years. Agent, short sales, investing, coaching, training, broker, the list goes on. They all tie together at some point, but is their a favorite piece of the pie for you?

12:50 – Work/Life balance just does not exist according to some. What are your thoughts on this topic as a businesswoman and a mom raising a family?

14:30 – In 2018 you joined REVA GLOBAL as CMO. Can you share what the company does and the pain point REVA GLOBAL solves for Realtors?

21:30 – Can you share an agent success story involving a VA?

29:30 – What one piece of advice would you give a new agent just starting in the business? (Same last question for every episode)





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