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Recovery after C-Section with Dr. Sam Dawson Tandy, DPT
Episode 369th January 2023 • The Messy Mom Podcast • The Messy Mom Podcast
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Have you either experienced, might have to go through, or have planned to do a c-section in the upcoming weeks or months? Today we chat with Dr. Sam Dawson-Tandy a pelvic floor and pelvic health specialist to talk about all things C-section recovery such as the core recovery process, what the time of recovery looks like, when it’s safe to start running, scar mobilization, and more.

Show notes:

If you want to learn more from Dr. Sam Dawson Tandy you can find her on Instagram @birth.embodied. She also works at Engage Physical Therapy and Wellness clinic and which has more of her physical therapy practice like exercises and tips, @engageptutah.

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